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OnTableTop Weekender Ep325: NEW Warhammer 40K Starter Sets; The Best Yet? + BIG Star Wars, Marvel Miniatures News! #Weekender

July 31, 2020

Today on OTT Weekender! We're checking out some Fantasy Football teams and more from Greebo Games PLUS a whole bunch of fantastic new miniatures for Star Wars, Marvel and Warhammer 40K fans too.

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As always, make sure to dive into the comments and tell us all of your thoughts about the show this week and what we chat about!

Indie Of The Week - Greebo Games

We start with an Indie Of The Week as always and this time we're looking at some great Fantasy Football miniatures and more from Greebo Games

► Greebo Games Website  

Make sure to check out their webstore for all manner of Fantasy Football miniatures PLUS some great options for those who want to step away from the sports field

Tabletop News

Here is some of the wargaming, tabletop and miniatures news this week which caught our eye and made us go "ooooh!"

► Marvel's X-Men Miniatures For Crisis Protocol  

► Star Wars Miniatures News & More By FFG  

► Warhammer 40K Starter Sets  

► Warhammer 40K Codexes & More  

► Mortem et Gloriam Armies  

► Kromlech Kitbash Challenge  

► Waffen-SS For Flames Of War  

Let us know if something from this week made you "oooh!" and if we missed anything!

Tabletop Kickstarters

See what you make of this Kickstarter we've picked out from this week on the funding platform...

► Rogue's Gallery  

► Svilland: 5E Norse Setting  

Let us know if you'll be checking out these projects in the comments down below. Make sure to check out all of this tabletop goodness and have a great weekend of gaming fun.

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Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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