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OnTabletop Weekender Ep280: New Space Marine Codex Deep Dive!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep280: New Space Marine Codex Deep Dive!

August 17, 2019

Come and join us for The Weekender as we dive into another show looking back at all the news from the tabletop community that we've been sitting on for a while!

We are talking Warhammer 40,000, Space Marines, Dragon Hunters and lots more from the last few weeks. Make sure to tune in and drop your comments below on everything we chat about today.


You can look back right now and dive into the Warhammer 40,000 Hobby Weekend that we ran last week. There are highlight videos, lots of pictures and of course the Apocalypse Table Build which you can catch up on.

We had a lot of fun with the weekend and are excited to hear what you thought of it. Would you be interested if we did more of these and did the format make you feel included?

Space Marine Codex Deep Dive

Justin and John take a look at the new Space Marine Codex in more depth today on the show as well as exploring the options available to players who take on the Ultramarine and White Scar Chapters as their own.

Buy Warhammer 40,000 From Store.OnTableTop

Are you tempted by these new Vanguard elements which are getting added into the mix for the Adeptus Astartes?


Join us for a look at the big news from the tabletop world...

This is just a snippet of what caught our eye over the past few weeks and we'd love to hear your thoughts on this news and anything else that might have slipped through the cracks.

Signum's Dragon Hunters

Signum Games are going to be launching their Kickstarter soon for the Dragon Hunters game. Players will take on the role of either Fantasy heroes or the deadly Dragon himself, looking to bring him low and steal his treasures.

Watch out for the Kickstarter later in August.


Make sure to take a peek at these new fundraisers which caught our eye this week...

Tell us which of these Kickstarter options you'd back in the comments below.

Happy Weekend!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep279: Building Archon’s Epic Dungeons & Laser Terrain!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep279: Building Archon’s Epic Dungeons & Laser Terrain!

August 3, 2019

We're getting stuck into another awesome Weekender where we're discussing what's new this week and delving into lots of other stuff too.

Make sure to follow along and get involved in the comments below as we always like hearing what you have to say. 

Make sure to join us for our Live Blogs running across all of next weekend as we delve into the building, converting and painting of Warhammer 40,000 armies in the shadow of our amazing 40K Apocalypse table we've been building

You can get involved and tell us how you would like to get stuck in. We want you to drop your suggestions HERE

Warren Meets Mat

We're back talking about another mat this week as Warren brings out the new Wasteland Mat from PWork Wargames

This would be a great mat for use across a number of different game systems like Warhammer 40,000, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and maybe something like Necromunda. Sam even recommended it as the barren wastelands of Mordor. 


We take a look through some of the news that caught our eye this week...

  • Warcry Warbands - Three new warbands and terrain drop this weekend for Age Of Sigmar: Warcry
  • I Am The Law! - Set the rules and police the Underhive with some Palanite Enforcers for Necromunda
  • Time Of Legends: Destinies - A new app-driven board game experience is coming soon from Mythic
  • Liberty Prime - Check out the absolutely HUGE Liberty Prime miniature from Modiphius
  • British & Chinese In Korea - Two new army sets have been released for Warlord's Bolt Action: Korea
  • Stoessi's Heroes - Some amazing stranger than fiction stories from the Germans and Soviets this week

What interested you from the tabletop world that we missed?

Dungeons & Lasers Terrain Showcase

Archon Studios are going to be coming to Kickstarter on August 13th with their range of terrain for building awesome dungeons for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy games. So, Warren has been looking at Dungeons & Lasers in more detail and painting some bits and pieces up to show them off.


Make sure to check out some new Kickstarter projects currently online...

  • WarLayer Terrain - Come and get stuck into some modular buildings from the team at WarLayer
  • 3D Print WWII Europe - WOW Buildings have some very intricate looking buildings available in STL format
  • Sulphureas - This stunning daemon from Salt Forge Miniatures could be a great new general!

What other Kickstarters out there are worth looking at?


Make sure to check the Prize Claim Form so you can find out if you are one of the winners from last week's show. You can then contact us and we'll make sure to get the prize out to you as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep278: Name Our EPIC 40K Apocalypse Table!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep278: Name Our EPIC 40K Apocalypse Table!

July 27, 2019

Come and join us for a Weekender which features some brilliant peeks into the Bolt Action: Korea book from Warlord Games and a delve into a game where you create your own personalised faction.

Make sure to delve in and let us know what you think about the show in the comments down below as we've got lots to comment on this week.

Apocalypse Table Updates

The first thing we're going to be checking out today is an update on our Apocalypse Table that we're building for the 40K Hobby Weekend which is coming up soon in August.

We are having a lot of fun with this and it's all thanks to Archon Studio for sending over their masses of plastic terrain which we've been using to build this insane tabletop which stretches into the skies.

Bolt Action: Korea - WIN Your Own MASH Set

We got a chance to dive into a chat with Charlie from Warlord Games about what we have to look forward to when folks dive into Bolt Action: Korea

It was awesome to get a chat about the rules and background of the conflict and we can't wait to give this a go. Make sure to check out the OnTableTop Store where you will be able to order the book. 


We dive into some stuff that caught our eye from this week...

  • Age Of Sigmar Updates - Loads of news dropped for Age Of Sigmar at their Open Day last week
  • Sisters Repentia - Cleanse your sins in the blood of your enemies with a peek at these new units
  • Luke & Vader Clash - New Operative expansions are on the way for use in Star Wars: Legion
  • Teburu - What do you make of this new digital component being worked on by CMON?

Make sure to drop your thoughts into the mix on everything that has been going on in the world of tabletop gaming.

Genesys Games

Justin got a chance to hang out with Gary Krieger to talk about their new project which is live on Kickstarter right now. They delve into the development of the rules, the way you create factions, and the three ages they are planning to cover as part of their expanding world.


Next up, we're looking at some Kickstarter projects that caught our eye...

Which of these Kickstarter projects are you going to be getting involved with?

Prizes - WIN OnTableTop Store Vouchers

As we mentioned during the show we talked about giving away some store vouchers to those that help us name our 40K Apocalypse tabletop. 

You could win a £20 voucher if we use your building name and a £50 voucher if we use your city name.

Additionally, make sure to check out the Prize Claim Form to see if you have won anything and get in contact if you have!

Have a great day!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep277: Warhammer 40K TV Show CONFIRMED

OnTabletop Weekender Ep277: Warhammer 40K TV Show CONFIRMED

July 20, 2019

Come and join us for another dive into the tabletop awesomeness that we've seen popping up this week.

Make sure to follow along with the show and drop your comments below in order to win yourself a prize.


We start things off talking about what you need to keep an eye on from us...

We've been enjoying lots of hobby for sure!

Warlord Games' Organized Play System

We got a chat with Charlie from Warlord Games about what is planned for their expanding Organised Play format. They have offered up cool options for those who like playing games in a casual manner and also those who want a more competitive format.

With that in mind, watch out for their first organised play experience which is centred around the Korean War.


Catch up on what is new from the world of wargaming...

Let us know what caught your eye from the news this week as well in the comments below.


Make sure to come and dive in to check out a range of very different Kickstarter campaigns. 

Which of the three will you be supporting?

Have a great day!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep275: Justin The Viking & Join The Flames Of War Hobby League

OnTabletop Weekender Ep275: Justin The Viking & Join The Flames Of War Hobby League

July 6, 2019

Make sure to come and dive into a jam-packed show today as we delve into more of what has been going on in the tabletop world. 

This week a few of the team are off on their holidays but we look at some awesome gifts sent in by the community and get to view Lloyd's holiday snaps...prepare the slides!

Flames Of War Hobby League

Over in our Projects system you can now get involved with the Hobby League for Flames Of War which is running from now until September.

Your aim is to work alongside friends, clubs and stores in order to slowly build up your Flames Of War army, aiming to get to 100 points by the end of it. Then, you'll be able to join us for a grand campaign that we're putting together in October.

Make sure to get involved and check out the Battlefront Miniatures website for more details as well as registering stores where you're taking part with our Places system.

Updates & Lloyd's Holiday Snaps!

We're got a few more updates worth delving into...

  • Call For Community Writers - We're looking for folks to come on board and volunteer their skills for article writing on a whole range of subjects. You can Submit Your Ideas Here
  • No Weekender Next Weekend - With Justin and Gerry off in America at Historicon we won't have Weekender shows for you next weekend

As we mentioned earlier there's also a chance for Lloyd to show off his holiday snaps after his trip away to Valencia. He got to visit a rather epic museum and was soooo close to getting to view more toys too!


Come and join us for a look through some of the news that caught our eye this week...

  • Kings Of War 3rd Edition - Mantic Games have their sights set on a new edition in October
  • MiG Alley Set - Warlord Games head to the Korean War with a new Blood Red Skies set
  • Huscarls Assemble - Rank up alongside your other hearthguard with some new Footsore Miniatures releases
  • One Page Rules - The team have now updated both their Grimdark and Age Of Fantasy rules
  • SAVAGE MiniCrate - Privateer Press have launched a new subscription service to snap Howard heroes

What was it that caught your eye from the news this week?

 Kingdom Death: Monster Player Boards!

We got a lovely gift from the community this week in the form of some Player Boards for use in Kingdom Death: Monster. Sam has shown these off to Chris from Darker Days Radio and we'd love to use them in our next filming session. 

Gyuri Boda from Hungary sent these in from Etsy. You can find them HERE. There are also lots of other cool accessories online from designers like FancyButFunctional and PlayYourBoards. Make sure to check them out and see if something grabs your attention.


We have three different campaigns to look at this time around.

  • Kodama 3D - A wonderful 3D take on this tree-building game by Indie Board & Cards
  • Bleak Spirit - A different take on the roleplaying game genre with a twist towards storytelling and fascinating lore
  • Battle Systems - We take another look at what has been unlocked for their Fantasy Wargaming Terrain project

Make sure to let us know which of these you'd back in the comments below.

Competition - WIN Hit The Beach

We are hoping to get you stuck into Flames Of War with us by offering up Hit The Beach this weekend on the show. Get commenting below for your chance to win.

We have also announced the winners from the UK Games Expo and the winner of the Conquest Core Set. So, head on over and Claim Your Prize.

Justin Goes Viking!

As a special treat we're rounding out the show with a look at Justin's Viking adventures at UK Games Expo this year. Make sure to check it out and let us know if you'd be able to take on a bloke swinging around a Dane Axe!

Have a great weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep274: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep274: Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarting Soon & Grab Tickets For The 40K Hobby Weekend!

June 22, 2019

Come and join us for another deep dive into the tabletop world with The Weekender as we're getting stuck into all sorts of goodness from the industry this week.

We've got a jam packed show with interviews, news, Kickstarter projects and much more.

Updates + 40K Hobby Weekender

First off we're talking Warhammer 40,000. We've still got tickets available for folks to get involved with our Hobby Weekend in August (9th-11th), be it digital or otherwise.

Cult Of Games 40K Hobby Weekend - Visitor & Digital Tickets

Make sure you get involved as we're planning some awesome stuff for painters and gamers including setting up a massive new Apocalypse tabletop. If you want to find out how that plays by the way, Becca Scott shot a How To Play video!

We're also talking about the Flames Of War Slow Grow League which we're running alongside Battlefront Miniatures. It will be happening during July, August and September with a global campaign launching in October where you can use those new armies.

OnTableTop is also heading to Historicon this year. Gerry, Justin and community member oriskany are going to be visiting American for this awesome convention to see what all the fuss is about. 

Mythic Games; What Is Super Fantasy Brawl?

You will have seen the epic trailer for Super Fantasy Brawl at the top of the show. Now we're chatting with Mythic Games about the game, the background and what to look forward to with the Kickstarter campaign launching June 25th. 


We've also dived into some quick news bites from this week...

  • Astartes - Come and check out this set of awesome videos showing Space Marines at their best
  • Purge: Outbreak - A new expansion is now available for Battle System's Core Space
  • Star Trek Foes - Check out some iconic villains and classic series miniatures from Modiphius
  • Osprey RPGs - New roleplaying games are arriving from the team at Osprey in November
  • Warlord & Mythicos Join Forces - Could these new stores be the start of something awesome?

What caught your eye from the news?

What's New From River Horse?

Sam got to chat with Alessio, Jack and Chris from River Horse about what's coming up for Pacific Rim and Hunger Games plus we delve into a wonderful roleplaying game set in the world of Labyrinth

Could you see yourself getting stuck into this storybook adventure?


Two Kickstarter games for you to take a peek at today...

Which of the two projects would you back?

Competitions - Claim Your Prizes!

We're announcing the winners for the Para Bellum Wargames competition from last week where someone won some Mystery Sprues PLUS also the lucky person who got Escape The Dark Castle + All Expansions. 

Make sure to head on over to Claim Your Prize and we'll ship these goodies out to you.

Have a great weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep273: 20,000 Miniatures On The Tabletop & WIN Escape The Dark Castle

OnTabletop Weekender Ep273: 20,000 Miniatures On The Tabletop & WIN Escape The Dark Castle

June 15, 2019

Come and dive into our Weekender as we make a triumphant return after many weeks in hiatus. We've got Thomas Pike from Themeborne in the studio this week talking about his new campaign for Escape The Dark Sector.

Updates - Boot Camps, Prizes & More

We've got lots for you to catch-up on from over the last few weeks. The UK Games Expo ran over FOUR days of Live Blogs and Livestreams and that means we've got lots of prizes to give away. Make sure to get involved and comment in order to be in with a chance of winning these goodies.

As well as UK Games Expo last weekend saw the Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp. You can still get involved and comment on the various Live Blogs in order to win yourself some World War II goodies.

Super Fantasy Brawl Facebook Contest

We also had Mythic Games in the studio this week and both Leo and Az decided that they were going to give away a Core Pledge from their upcoming Kickstarter.

You need to LIKE the post on our Facebook Page and then FOLLOW the Super Fantasy Brawl Page in order to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck!


We crack on with some of the big news from this week...

  • SPQR Pre-Orders - Warlord Games begin diving into their Ancient skirmish game
  • Glasgow's Take On Waterloo - A massive game is being played out this weekend. Will you be watching it?
  • Aftermath - Jerry Hawthorne brings animals to the tabletop once more with this new Plaid Hat game
  • Spy Game - Will you be James Bond or Jason Bourne? 
  • Liminal - Skirt the edge of reality with this new urban fantasy game from Modiphius

What caught your eye?

Para Bellum Talk Conquest

The team from Para Bellum Wargames are with Justin this week talking about their game, Conquest, which is going to be launching very soon.

This means we're going to be exploring the Starter Set and some of the expansions they have planned as well as a little bit more about the world.


We're looking at two awesome projects this week...

Which of these projects are you likely to be backing?

Competitions - WIN Conquest Miniatures AND Escape The Dark Castle!

We have two massive competitions for you this week. 

WIN - Conquest Mystery Sprue Bundle

WIN - Escape The Dark Castle + All Adventure Expansions

So, all you need to do is get involved in the comments below and you could be in with a chance of winning yourself some epic goodies.

Remember to tell us exactly how you ended up getting trapped in the Dark Castle! 

As always you can check out our Prize Centre to see if you've won our previous competitions.

Have a great weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep272: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites

OnTabletop Weekender Ep272: Alien Horror, Designing With Devir & WIN Kill Team Elites

May 25, 2019

Come and join us for another episode of The Weekender where we've got David Esbri of Devir Games with us and also community member Martin (aka laughingboy) today!

We've got lots to get stuck into as well as giving away the Kill Team: Elites book AND one faction of your choice too. 


We've got some Weekender updates for you firstly. Next weekend there will be no show as we're going to be at UK Games Expo covering the event across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, you can come and join us at the event and if it's your first time we also have a great video you can watch HERE

The week after that we're also hosting the Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp so there will be no Weekender then either! However, you can follow along with the Live Blogs and win some goodies so don't worry.

You can also check out our extensive VLOG series we've been working on as we pull the tabletops together for the event.

Warren Meets Mat

Warren takes a look at an older mat from the PWork Wargames series. If you like the look of this Woodland Mat you can check out the product on their webstore.


We're onto the news now from an epic week in tabletop gaming...

What caught your eye from the news this week?

Designing Games With Devir

We got to chat with David Esbri about the newest games from Devir as well as publishing games and getting your ideas seen by publishers. 


We have three Kickstarters to check out...

Which of these new projects would you like to get involved in?

Prize - WIN Kill Team: Elites + Kill Team 

With Kill Team: Elites coming out recently we're giving away the supplement and your choice of Kill Team from the Fractal Blades, Dolorous Strain or Toofrippa’s Krew. All you have to do is comment below.

Make sure to also Claim Your Prize if you were a previous winner!

Have a great weekend!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep271: Answering Riddles & Warhammer Fest Reveals

OnTabletop Weekender Ep271: Answering Riddles & Warhammer Fest Reveals

May 18, 2019

The Weekender is back! Now we've shaken off the wedding hangovers, we're ready to get stuck back into all that's been going on with gaming, including a dig through all the Warhammer Fest announcements, a close look at Verge of War's minis, and the answer for Shadowborne's riddle.


Just one quick update before we get stuck in, as the Spring Cleaning Challenge draws to a close.

Since April, we've set people the challenge of taking their old collections of models down from the shelves, blow the dust off them, and find some ways to breath new life into them.

The challenge ends on the 19th May, so make sure to get your Projects finished up!

Shadowborne Answer The Riddle Of Oathsworn

Jamie Jolly of Shadowborne Games comes onto the show, revealing the answer to the riddle they've been teasing us with for the past few weeks: Oathsworn!

He and Sam take a trip into this new game's world, exploring its dark forests and getting a look at the monstrous miniatures and characters that will call it home.


There's been a ton of news lately, and we took the time to highlight a couple of pieces before diving into the mammoth of announcements from Warhammer Fest.

Warhammer Fest 209 Round-Up

Dominating the news has been the ton of releases appearing from 2019's Warhammer Fest. There's a lot to get through, so let's get started!

  • The Splintered Fang Tribe - We take a look at the latest Chaos worshippers of Warband to have been revealed.
  • Citadel Contrast Paints - A new type of paint is joining the Citadel range, aimed at making it even easier to bring colour to the massed ranks of your armies.
  • Tons and tons of Warhammer 40k - Loads of 40k releases were announced, ranging from chibi figures, to the return of Aeronautica Imperialis, and the upcoming Chaos Knights Codex.
  • The Scouring of the Shire - Games Workshop apparently found Sam's Christmas list, as the next supplement for the Middle-earth game will be the Scouring of the Shire, along with lots of new hobbits.

A Closer Look At Verge of War

Verge of War is returning to Kickstarter on Tuesday the 21st of May to help fund the game's next two factions.

The Weekender crew have been challenged to try out some of their innovative free-pose models and see what they think of this total freedom in positioning your figures.


We finish the show with a look at two Kickstarters:

  • ReRoll App - A new app that lets you keep track of your RPG characters and create customisable pixel art of them.
  • 28mm Fauns - RGD Gaming is looking to Kickstart a new selection of plastic fauns and other assorted beastmen.

Which of these two catches your eye?

Have a great weekend of gaming!

OnTabletop Weekender Ep270: Mythic Tease New Games & WIN Breachstorm Two-Player Set

OnTabletop Weekender Ep270: Mythic Tease New Games & WIN Breachstorm Two-Player Set

May 4, 2019

We've got a mammoth episode of The Weekender for you today as we're delving down into all sorts with the Mythic Games crew and much more besides.

Make sure to get your comments down below as you could be in with a chance of winning that Breachstorm Two-Player Set!


We kick things off with some update for you...

  • No Weekender Next Week - Lance is getting married so we're off for a shindig!
  • Flames Of War D-Day Boot Camp - Get refreshed with some FoW FTW tactical knowledge
  • Shadowborne Riddle - You still have until May 11th to uncover the riddle of the stones
  • Backstage Offer - Join Backstage and get yourself 25% off Warhammer 40,000 & Age Of Sigmar

Make sure to let us know which of the two D-Day sides you're looking forward to playing at the Boot Camp.


It's time to check out what news caught our eye this week...

What caught your eye from the news this week?

Mythic Games Mammoth Update

Az and Leo are with us in the studio talking about what's happening with Mythic Games right now. 

This means an update on all of their projects including Joan Of Arc, Solomon Kane, Reichbusters, a teaser of the new HEL board game and more on Super Fantasy Brawl too. 


We have two Kickstarters for today...

  • Breachstorm Reloaded - A new faction and more drops for this Sci-Fi skirmish game
  • Runerunners - Snag yourself magical artefacts in this new board game from Gangfight Games

Which of the two would you back on Kickstarter?

Prizes! WIN Breachstorm Two-Player Starter Set

You could win yourself a copy of Breachstorm for you and a friend simply by commenting on this episodes.

We also announced the winner of the Hedonites Of Slaanesh Battletome and Keeper Of Secrets over on our Prize Claim Centre. Make sure to head on over and claim your goodies!

Have a great weekend!