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OnTableTop Weekender Ep308: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch

OnTableTop Weekender Ep308: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch

March 27, 2020

Join us for the Weekender as we're giving away FREE goodies including a bundle of ace 3D Printed Terrain from Dragon's Crest PLUS you could WIN the amazing Archon Rampart Eternal Cathedral.

► Rampart Eternal Cathedral

► Download The Secret 3D Printing Surprise Here

Make sure you join us as we're talking Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Conan, Flames Of War, bundles of roleplaying games and more from our community too. 

Support Salute & Adepticon Vendors

First up, a quick update as we're asking folks to get involved and check out some of the vendors who would have been at Salute and Adepticon this year. 

► Check Out The Salute Vendors 

► Check Out The Adepticon Vendors  

Make sure to check out a handful of these companies and consider giving them your support in these trying times.

Indie Of The Week

This week we're feeling the power of Crom surge through us as we're taking a look at the awesome collection of 15mm Conan terrain and miniatures by Crom's Anvil.

► Visit The Crom's Anvil Website 

They have some funky terrain in the mix and there are even rules too for playing out your own games set in this world of barbarians.


We've got loads of interesting news for you to check out this week from across the wargaming spectrum

► Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress Zoats 

► New Tanks For Flames Of War 

► Victrix Napoleonic Lancers 

► Ancient Wargaming In Mortem et Gloriam  

► Successors Board Game Pre-Orders  

► New Bushido Warbands 

► ArcWorlde Print & Play Set 

► Fria Ligan RPG Sale 

► Wild West Exodus Theodore Roosevelt 

Make sure to get involved and comment on any of these news stories which caught your eye from this week!

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020

We have also dived in and check out a bunch of Projects from OnTableTop which you community members have set up to take part in the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020.

► Find Out More Here 

We take a look at a few different projects which have caught our eye plus Ben fills us in on how his DOOM project is coming along as he finishes off the figures from the 2016 Fantasy Flight Games board game.

3D Printing Is The S**T - Dragon's Rest Spaceship

Make sure you come and check out the FREE download for the Dragon's Crest Spaceship which has been added into the mix by our friends at Dragon's Rest. 

► Check Their Site Out Here

► Download The Spaceship 

► Download The Secret 3D Printing Surprise Here

This spaceship would be ace for those playing Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Corvus Belli's Infinity, Battle Systems' Core Space and of course Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion too.


We have two Kickstarter projects for you to check out as well this week

► Vampire: The Masquerade - Vendetta 

► Nine Worlds 3D Printing

Which of these two projects do you think you'll be checking out in more detail?

Competition - WIN Archon's Rampart Eternal Cathedral Core Set

As a reminder, we're giving away this excellent core set from Archon Studios which would be absolutely perfect for the grimdark world of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.

► Rampart Eternal Cathedral

All you have to do is Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe and we'll put you in the running to win this for next week. Maybe tell us what YOU will be doing with this kit when you get it?

Have a great weekend of tabletop gaming fun!



Weekender: Join In! Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge

Weekender: Join In! Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge

March 20, 2020

We're still powering on with The Weekender, albeit in a very different way and we will be endeavouring to entertain you over these next few weeks/months with plenty of tabletop goodness.

The focus of this weekend is to kick off the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 which has you delving into your collection and working on making new what was old!

COVID-19 Update

To begin with, we wanted to let you know that Store.OnTableTop is still going strong and we've put measures in place so that we can continue to ship out and deliver products to you. So, you can still rely on us to get you your hobby supplies.

Check Out Store.OnTableTop

Also, we've opened up our Discord Server so that everyone can join in and break through the barrier of feeling isolated if they so desire. We chat hobby and all sorts and it is well worth checking it out so that you can share your thoughts with like-minded hobbyists.

Events Cancelled; A Call To Vendors & Content Creators

Considering that two big events have already been cancelled and UK Games Expo has been pushed back until August (more details here) we thought it would be a good idea to try and repurpose the Projects system.

We are now trying to work on a way for companies and creators to share their work and potentially gain some sales that they would have missed out on due to the cancellation of events.

Exhibitors Fill Out This Form

Content Creators Fill Out This Form

We are looking to try and bring together what effectively works as a virtual convention where exhibitors and content creators can collaborate to share their new releases and fun content!

Indie Of The Week

In keeping with that spirit, we also wanted to share a smaller independent creator that Ben is very fond of. Here we have a peek at the range from Oathsworn Miniatures.

This company has built quite the amazing Burrows & Badgers range which also includes some sterling Terrain too. Also, if animals aren't your thing they also do a great selection of Sensible Shoes miniatures, female adventurers for skirmish and roleplaying games. We think you'll find something to love from their collection!


Despite COVID-19, the world keeps turning and we catch up with the news from this week...

  • Operation Kaldstrom - A new Battle Pack and a new way to play Infinity
  • Prophecy Of The Wolf - Check out this set which features a clash between Ragnar and Ghazghkull
  • Wasteland Warfare - Three new packs of miniatures have arrived for the world of Fallout
  • British Paratroopers - Offensive Miniatures have a set of awesome new metal miniatures for World War II
  • Spectre Specials - See what you make of this new assassin and creepy criminals from Spectre Miniatures
  • WarGods Of Olympus - Warriors from Ancient Greek Mythology clash on the battlefield in a new book!

What has inspired you from this news selection this week?

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 - WIN OnTableTop Store Vouchers!

We are back with our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 where we ask you to break out old and unloved hobby projects and give them a new lease of life.

You can find out more about the challenge HERE and as part of the show but if you take part you might be in with a chance of winning 1 Of 4 £50 Vouchers for Store.OnTableTop!

We can't wait to see what you bring to life and we'll be taking part too. Start those projects!


Last but not least we're looking at some fundraising projects worth taking a peek at...

Which of these projects appeals to you most?

Keep safe and remember to have a great weekend of hobby goodness!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep306: NEW Aliens Board Game + WIN Flames Of War British Bundle!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep306: NEW Aliens Board Game + WIN Flames Of War British Bundle!

March 13, 2020

We're back with more for you this Friday night as we get stuck into The Weekender and get you well primed for a few days of tabletop goodness.

As always, get involved in the comments below and let us know what you think about all of the content we've covered in the show and you could maybe win yourself a prize!

Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - 4:05

First off, we got sent some preview models of the new Sci-Fi game by Privateer Press. Warcaster Neo-Mechanika is now available on Kickstarter and there are still a few days left before the campaign closes.

We take a look at the miniatures for The Marcher Worlds and let you know what we think of the quality we've seen so far.

Indie Of The Week - 10:31

This week, Gerry picked out Brigade Games who are an online retailer but also feature all manner of different sculpts of their own design too.

As well as producing a range of awesome Napoleonic figures by Paul Hicks which are akin to Sharpe and his companions they also do some slightly more off-the-wall choices too. For example, you might want to find out what Gnome Wars is all about!

News - 15:58

Come and take a peek at the news that we've picked for this week...

Are you tempted by any of the offerings from these companies?

Voodoo Games Interview | Knight Tales - 31:52

We sit down with Andre from Voodoo Games to talk about their Kickstarter for the cooperative tower defence game called Knight Tales which is on Kickstarter right now.

With some fun models, some great board game components and loads of replay value, this is well worth checking out.

Flames Of War D-Day British - 1:20:31

We also got some time to sit down to have a look at the new D-Day British book from Battlefront Miniatures. We dive into a little bit of the book and its many facets, creating different lists which are appropriate to the period. A whole bunch of new kits and more are on the way too!

Kickstarter - 1:30:42

Take a peek at what we've spied on Kickstarter this week...

  • HD Bases - Check out this awesome peek at Secret Weapon's new basing options
  • PETROLYARD - A set of awesome hand-sculpted resin terrain is available for just a few more days

Which of these two Kickstarters are you most tempted by?

3D Printing - 1:50:45

This week, Warren and Justin sit down to discuss their 3D Printer settings and look at some work from Hero Spawn Spot who are on Patreon, releasing STL Files to those who support them.

Download The Female Paladin File For Yourself Here

We also look at the comparison between FDM and resin printing as well as clean-up techniques with John.

Competition - WIN Flames Of War British Bundle

All you have to do is dive in and comment on the show to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of Flames Of War British goodies for use in the Late War of World War II.

Make sure to also check out the Prize Claim Form where you can see if you maybe won a competition from our previous shows!

Have a great weekend of hobby goodness!

Weekender: WIN Reichbusters Core Set & An Assyrian Mind Melter!

Weekender: WIN Reichbusters Core Set & An Assyrian Mind Melter!

March 6, 2020

► Visit Our Website: Come and dive into The Weekender with us as we're looking to dive into more goodness from the tabletop gaming world this week. We have plenty to get stuck into as we're exploring some quirky historical facts, checking out a great gaming mat and of course a round-up of news from the tabletop world. Flames Of War In-Store To kick things off we want to point you towards our webstore! We have recently got some great Flames Of War goodies in the mix from Battlefront Miniatures. Check Out The Flames Of War Section As well as selling Flames Of War we also have a huge selection of Games Workshop products for Warhammer 40,000, Age Of Sigmar plus a bunch of Hobby Accessories too. Indie Of The Week - 11:19 We're also taking a look at some fantastic miniatures from Creature Caster. These folks have been making some sterling monsters, demons and more for a while now, all in 32mm scale, so they would be great for your expanding armies. Make sure to dive in and check out more of the Creature Caster range which now delivers pretty much anywhere! News - Part One 14:54 // Part Two 44:27 We have some great news snippets to check out this week... Seraphon & Start Collecting - Some new sets are available from Games Workshop this weekend Organised Play - Para Bellum Wargames are firing up their Organised Play options for Conquest players Elder Scrolls - Pre-orders are now live for Call To Arms as Modiphius dive into Skyrim Dacians & Sarmatians - See what you make of these agile forces for use in SPQR by Warlord Games Wargames Atlantic Pre-Orders - Are you going to be picking up these new plastic kits? Cyberpunk Miniatures - R.Talsorian and Monster Fight Club join forces on a new range of character models Tales From The Loop - Dive in and check out this roleplaying game for yourself by Fria Ligan Make sure to let us know what you think of the news we picked out for you! Mind Melter - 24:22 As well as all the news we also take a break so that Warren can dive into a returning segment where he talks about the Assyrian Siege Of Jerusalem. As always, it's good to take our historical 'knowledge' with a good pinch of salt but this might form the basis of an interesting tabletop game couldn't it? Warren Meets Mat - 1:04:38 Warren breaks out another good mat as he takes a peek at the ever-expanding Deep-Cut Studio range. This time we're taking a look at the Nomads Mat which is tied to the Infinity universe. Make sure to tell us how you'd use this mat in your own games! Kickstarter - 1:09:39 We also have some neat projects for you to check out... SteamWatchers - Check out this 3x board game adventure from Mythic Games Chronicles Of Crime - Will you be snapping this up to solve some mysteries? Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - Are you going to pick up this new Sci-Fi skirmisher from Privateer Press? Are you going to be diving in and exploring one of these campaigns for yourself? If so, make sure to let us know in the comments below. Competition - WIN Reichbuster Core Set This week, we're giving you the chance to win the awesome Reichbusters from Mythic Games. We have been having a lot of fun with this game recently and we'd love one of you to be able to enjoy it too. All you have to do is comment and you could be in with a chance to snag this for yourself! Have a great weekend! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● We love games and we love our community even more, join us by subscribing to our Channel and visiting our forums too at ► Subscribe: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● #Weekender #MythicGames #OnTabletop

OnTableTop Weekender Ep304: Steam Watchers! Mythic’s New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz

OnTableTop Weekender Ep304: Steam Watchers! Mythic’s New Game & WIN Big Bad Ork Boyz

February 28, 2020

We dive into The Weekender and this time we've got some guests in the studio. Mythic Games are with us ready to talk about their next Kickstarter, Steam Watchers.

Make sure to dive in and follow along in the comments, letting us know what you think of everything we've talked about today.

Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin

We have been putting out an array of videos this week on Stormsunder: Heirs Of Ruin which is on Kickstarter right now from Lazy Squire Games. We have looked at the background for the game, its mechanics and also some Let's Play content too. 

Check Out The Kickstarter Here

Make sure to dive in and follow along with all of the interesting things that this game brings to the table. It's certainly got a lot of depth to it!

Indie Of The Week

For this week, Ben has been inspired by his love of Warhammer and the Old World and shows off the multitude of options available from MOMminiaturas.

It is well worth diving into their range of options for DwarvesElvesWizardsOrcsTerrain and more. If you're looking for some epic Oldhammer looking figures then this is a webstore to explore. 

Gerry Can!

We run an awesome Cult Of Games series called Gerry Can where he shows off loads of techniques that will help you when hobbying. 

This week we're letting you folks watch an episode where we explore the ways to build Blue Stuff Press Moulds. Make sure to give it a watch and consider joining the Cult Of Games.


Make sure to drop your thoughts into the comments below on the news from this week...

  • The High Republic - Are you tempted to snag these new Star Wars books, comics and more?
  • Wolfenstein - Time to hit the tabletop and kill Nazis with this new Archon Kickstarter?
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy - Do you fancy bringing these cool heroes to the tabletop for Crisis Protocol?

So, what do you like from our little selection of news options that we picked out for you?

Mythic Games - Steam Watchers

We are sitting down with the team from Mythic Games to go through their Kickstarter for Steam Watchers, exploring the background to the game and what you need to know before the campaign launches.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their campaign which will be going live very soon as well as loads of cool videos.


We have two smaller Kickstarter projects for you this week...

  • The Alamo - Pick up either a small part of the whole Alamo for your gaming table
  • Dungeons & Designs - An array of amazing dungeons and adventures await from Cæsar Ink

Which of these two campaigns would you consider backing?

3D Printing 

We have no giveaway for this week but we do have two links to STL Files you can download...

Gorr The Barbarian

Necrossia Pillar Tomb

...make sure to give them a download and then perhaps show off how they came out on your home printers!

Comment To Win - Wargames Exclusive Orky Bosses

This week you can Comment To Win TWO Ork Bosses which you can use in your grimdark games. You are able to win the Ork Skybasta Boss & Ork Boombasta Big Warboss which would be great ahead of the new Psychic Awakening release.

Make sure to drop some comments below and tell us your thoughts about the content we've covered in the show today. There is plenty to dive into!

Have a great weekend!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep303: The Cadian Iceman Cometh in Warhammer 40K

OnTableTop Weekender Ep303: The Cadian Iceman Cometh in Warhammer 40K

February 21, 2020

We're getting stuck into a new episode of The Weekender today where we're diving into all that has been going on in the world of tabletop gaming and more.

Make sure to get involved in the comments below and tell us what you think about the tabletop treasure that we've uncovered. 

World War III & Battlefront Miniatures Tournament

Make sure to get involved and check out the World War III: Team Yankee Series that John released this week featuring Chris from Battlefront Miniatures.

As well as watching the videos, you can also learn more about a pair of tournaments being run at the Cold Wars Show - March 12th-15th Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Find all the details HERE.

Indie Of The Week

This time around we're going to be taking a look at a choice by Warren for Indie Of The Week. We're looking at the work of Adrian's Walls who produce a selection of awesome terrain for throughout the ages.

As well as producing terrain they also offer services where they paint up your terrain for you. 

Mind Melter

We have decided to try and break Justin's mind once more as Warren gets stuck into another Mind Melter which should have you scratching your head.

Make sure to tune in to find out what Warren has managed to uncover and please, let us know if you believe any of his nonsense!


We have some great news from the tabletop gaming world...

  • Ice Warriors Of Valhalla - Old Imperial Guard miniatures return to Warhammer 40,000
  • Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - What do you make of this upcoming Sci-Fi game by Privateer Press?
  • Paperboys & WoFun - These companies join forces to provide another alternative for flat forces
  • Raise The Black - A new expansion, plastic miniatures and more are coming for Firelock's Blood & Plunder
  • Mythos - Pre-orders have gone live from Warcradle for this reinvented skirmish game
  • Elder Scrolls Expansions - New sets of miniatures, scenarios, campaigns and more from Modiphius
  • Ironsworn - A new expansion has been released for this solo/coop/traditional roleplaying game
  • Conquest Painting Competition - Get involved each month and show off your Para Bellum painting!

So, what do you make of the news from this week?

Warren Meets Mat

We're diving back into the world of mats and this week we're looking at one from the folks at Deep-Cut. This is a great Walking Dead Town Mat which would be good for the inevitable walker invasion and other modern games too.


We have two projects for you this week, one big and one small.

  • Conan The Conqueror - See what you make of this expansion to the original Conan board game
  • Delve - A quirky and quick game which could be played on the go using a pencil, paper and a pack of cards

Are you going to be snapping up either of these Kickstarters for yourself?

3D Printing Giveaway - Titan-Forge

We have a great new giveaway on the 3D Printing front from the folks at Titan-Forge who are on Patreon right now and allow you to print off loads of new models each month.

Download The Babarian File Here

Make sure you grab the file, print it off at home and then show us how it turned out with a lick of paint too. 

WIN Dungeon Delving Book of Battle Mats & Terrain Crate

You also have the chance this week to win some Dungeon Delving Books from the team at Gaming Books. You can check them out for yourself here.

We are also giving away a MASSIVE set of Terrain Crate goodies which we looked at earlier in the show from Mantic Games too.

Also, make sure to check out the Prize Claim Form where you can see who won the Chaos Space Marine Battle Force.

Have a great weekend!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep302: Justin’s Wheel Of Misfortune & WIN Chaos Space Marines!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep302: Justin’s Wheel Of Misfortune & WIN Chaos Space Marines!

February 14, 2020

We're back with a new look Weekender where we're exploring a whole new format, new features and plenty more. Dive in and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Make sure to tell us what you think of the News, Kickstarter projects and more that we featured today as you are the other half of this show!

Snag-A-Normie Month

We're currently running Snag-A-Normie Month alongside the folks at Hobby Wearhouse. You can get yourself some new T-Shirt designs and Hoodies plus we're looking to see what you've been doing in the Projects too.

You can find out more about this endeavour HERE where you can also look at more ways that you can get involved.

Warren Meets Mat

We're back with Warren and his mat obsession as we take a peek at the North Pass Mat from the folks at PWork Wargames

We talk about how it would fit into your games and where you might want to go when it comes to adding some terrain into the mix too.


Make sure to check out some news we picked out for this week...

  • INDIE OF THE WEEK  - We start off with a look at the amazing miniatures from Agema for your Ancient games
  • Marvel Heroes - The mystics arts are uncovered as Atomic Mass show off Doctor Strange & Wong
  • House Of Chains - We're taking a peek at more gang members dropping into Necromunda soon
  • Skies Of Fire - Head into the skies with Aeronautica Imperialis and a new set on the way
  • Muskets & Tomahawks - Gerry gives us the lowdown on some new goodies from Studio Tomahawk
  • World War III - See what you make of the British releases coming soon from Battlefront

There is plenty of goodness in the mix here and we'd love to hear your thoughts

Wheel Of Misfortune!

We've got a new segment for you as Justin has to face off against the Wheel Of Misfortune. Will he get an easy ride or will he end up having to do something incredibly silly but also exceptionally funny?

Make sure to join us for a rather slippery challenge this week!


See what you make of some new projects we've spied online...

Which of these would you consider backing?

Competitions & Giveaways - Comment To Win!

We're diving in and offering up some awesomeness for you hobbyists this week. First up we're offering up a...

Chaos Space Marine Battle Force

...and if you get involved in the comments you might even get yourself something World War III related too. 

3D Printing Giveaway

We have also teamed up with the people behind the Necrossia 3rD Army Terrain Kickstarter at Kraken Industries as we're giving away a FREE file for you to print off at home.

Download The Necrossia Pillar Tomb For Free

Give this one a go and then show off your work in the projects too.

We hope you enjoyed the show!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep301: Have Your Say! OTT Gaming Awards Nominations Open

OnTableTop Weekender Ep301: Have Your Say! OTT Gaming Awards Nominations Open

January 25, 2020

Come and join us for The Weekender as we're diving into some more goodness from the tabletop gaming world that we think you should be checking out this week. 

Make sure to dive in and share your thoughts in the comments below. We always love hearing what you have to say. 

OnTableTop Gaming Awards

So, we've got the Gaming Awards back into roation and now is YOUR chance for you to share what you think have been the best games, accessories, individuals and more from 2019.

Get Involved & Share Your Thoughts

You can dive in and share your thoughts because if you don't nominate your favourite games, models and companies they might not get into the running to win a sweet-ass prize! You could also win a box of goodies for taking part.

Poll Of The Week

So, we're diving in to make sure we learn the truth of the matter. How on earth to you say the word Minotaur?

This is the kind of burning questions we really need answering.


Come and dive in to check out more from the news this week that we've picked out for you...

Are you going to be snapping up some of the new models from this selection this week?


 As well as the news we've also got two Kickstarter projects to check out...

So, make sure to get involved in the comments below and tell us what you think!

Have a great weekend!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep300: Hero Forge 2.0 Just In Time For New D&D Multiverse?

OnTableTop Weekender Ep300: Hero Forge 2.0 Just In Time For New D&D Multiverse?

January 18, 2020

Come and join us for a world of tabletop goodness once more as we dive into another episode of The Weekender packed with goodness.

Weekender Podcast Download

Make sure to get involved in the comments below and tell us what you think about everything that we've been looking at this week. We always like hearing what you have to say. 

Star Wars Hobby Challenge

You can still get involved and share all sorts of quirky hobby stuff surrounding Star Wars in our Projects system.

All you need to do is get involved and create a project tagged as Star Wars Hobby Weekend in order to potentially win yourself some prizes.

Hero Forge 2.0

So, after last week's chatter about the new Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter we thought we should dive in and talk about our questions concerning the campaign and what we think of it now we've seen the previews of what we're getting.

What we're seeing isn't quite what we thought but it certainly is an indicator of what lies ahead for 3D printing and we take a bit of a deep dive into the technological side of it before sharing our thoughts on what's next.


We're also exploring the rest of the tabletop world and some new from across the spectrum...

Let us know your thoughts on everything above!


We have two rather ambitious Kickstarter projects for you to check out today...

Are you tempted to back either of these projects?

Have a great weekend!

OnTableTop Weekender Ep299: Will 2020 Bring Us Full Colour 3D Printing?

OnTableTop Weekender Ep299: Will 2020 Bring Us Full Colour 3D Printing?

January 11, 2020

Welcome back to another big delve into the tabletop gaming world for 2020 as we start off the year proper with The Weekender. We're all back, conquering illness, and with lots to chat about.

There is plenty for us to dive in and talk about so make sure, as always, to throw in your thoughts down below as your comments help us develop the conversation!

Fascinating 3D Printing News

So, it looks like Hero Forge are going to be starting something pretty special soon. They have been teasing the development of their platform with all new tweaks but the really fascinating part is that it is going to include a Full Colour option. 

Are they going to be able to "change the game"? Well, Warren and the guys share their thoughts on the matter and talk about what the prospects are for this kind of technology. We also make sure to note existing options like that from Shapeways and soon from Secret Weapon Miniatures.


As well as that pretty exciting news from Hero Forge we also have more for you...

  • Aether War - Things are hotting up as two revamped factions clash in Age Of Sigmar
  • Chaos Campaigns & Teclis - The mighty Elf is back soon alongside a new campaign and Ogor Hunters!
  • Battle Sisters & T'Au - Some brand new grimdark miniatures are in the mix over the coming weeks
  • Skyrim Awaits - Modiphius has talked more about the release of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms
  • Gangs Of The Undercity - Keep an eye out for more on this Fantasy/Cyberpunk gang skirmish game
  • Marvel United - CMON and Spin Master Games are joining forces for a more kid-friendly looking board game
  • Return To Dark Tower - Restoriation Games look to be doing it again with their take on a classic

So, what from the news caught your eye this week?


Just one Kickstarter project for you this week as no doubt we'll have many more to dive into in the coming days. Here we have SanctorVM which is a new survival horror adventure/roleplaying game from the Antoni Bonet Balanzat featuring a diverse and interesting cast of characters, interesting mechanical choices and plenty of wonderful artwork and music to play along to.

So, if you're fascinated by the dark and the brooding this might be for you!

Have a great weekend of gaming!