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OnTableTop Weekender Ep310: WIN Flames Of War Starter Set + Amazing Warhammer 40K Films!

April 10, 2020

Make sure to come and dive in with us for another epic Weekender as we're talking awesome Indie companies, epic Warhammer 40,000 animation and much more.

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Make sure, as always, to dive in and comment on the episode with all of your thoughts and opinions. Come on over to OnTableTop this week in order to be in with a chance of winning that boxed set!


First up, we'd just like to talk about an initiative we're supporting during this Coronavirus pandemic.

► Providing Local PPE 3D Printing Support

If you know anyone who would benefit from these, don't hesitate to follow the link and get involved.

Also, we're making sure that you're all clued up when it comes to our Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge which is running until June.  

► Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge

► Create Your Own Projects Here 

If you've got some cool ideas as to what you'd want to make whole again as part of this challenge then please, jump in and share your work.

Indie Of The Week - Westfalia Miniatures

Gerry and Lloyd were particularly taken by this particular company and I think you can tell. Come and find out more about what Westfalia Miniatures have planned. 

► Main Westfalia Website 

► Westfalia Collection 

► Westfalia 3D Printing 

We think you'll agree that these fellows have done some sterling stuff and maybe you'll help break their website this week as well!


Make sure to dive in and follow along with some hot news from another week in the tabletop gaming world...

► Daemonifuge & Angels Of Death

► Epic Astartes Fan Film 

► Kromlech Astartes Accessories 

► Quest For The Ringbearer 

► Infinity CODE ONE Quickstart Rules 

► Free D&D Adventure 

► Battlegroup Northag Preview

► Free Joust Game 

As always, get involved and share your thoughts on everything we've covered in the news this week. Tell us what caught your eye in the news too!


We've got two great Kickstarter this week which Gerry picked out...

► Tales From The Loop: The Board Game 

► Sunken Dungeon 

Which of these games do you reckon you'd back if you had the funds? Let us know in the comments below.

Prize Claims

You can win an awesome prize this week for Flames Of War but also remember to check to see if you've won prizes from past shows...

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Stay safe and have a great weekend of tabletop gaming goodness.

Happy gaming!

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