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OnTabletop Weekender Ep277: Warhammer 40K TV Show CONFIRMED

July 20, 2019

Come and join us for another dive into the tabletop awesomeness that we've seen popping up this week.

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We start things off talking about what you need to keep an eye on from us...

We've been enjoying lots of hobby for sure!

Warlord Games' Organized Play System

We got a chat with Charlie from Warlord Games about what is planned for their expanding Organised Play format. They have offered up cool options for those who like playing games in a casual manner and also those who want a more competitive format.

With that in mind, watch out for their first organised play experience which is centred around the Korean War.


Catch up on what is new from the world of wargaming...

Let us know what caught your eye from the news this week as well in the comments below.


Make sure to come and dive in to check out a range of very different Kickstarter campaigns. 

Which of the three will you be supporting?

Have a great day!

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