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OnTableTop Weekender Ep 250: Win A Carnevale Starter Set & Space Hulk Hobby Deadline Looms

November 24, 2018

Welcome to The Weekender where we've got the lovely folks from TTCombat in the studio this week to talk to us about Carnevale and what they have coming in the future.

As well as that we're going to be talking you through a whole bunch of other topics from the tabletop gaming world this week and asking for your feedback too.

OnTableTop Visitors Centre

The first of these topics is to let you know that our Visitors Centre is now open and you can come and see us here in Coleraine. You can check out our Facebook Page for opening times and how to get in contact HERE.

Space Hulk Tactics Challenge

This is the FINAL DAY of the Space Hulk Challenge and you can still get involved, share your projects and maybe win yourself a copy of the video game, the board game OR that fantastic diorama which is being crafted by Tomas Mennes. 


We're also going to be delving into some of the news from this week...

  • KeyForge Mats - Check out some of the stunning art from the game world in mat form
  • KeyForge Tokens - Team Covenant have worked on some amazing unique designs for their tokens
  • New Star Wars Rebels - Jyn Erso and the Rebel Pathfinders are closing in soon for Star Wars: Legion
  • Stoessi's Heroes - Check out three new larger than life characters from World War II
  • Carnevale Pre-Orders - The new Starter Set and more are available to pick up from TTCombat

Are you going to be checking out more from the tabletop world this weekend?

Carnevale Tales

We sat down with the team from TTCombat to talk about what's new for the world of Carnevale with their current edition of the game including the world, its characters and of course what's going to be happening in the near future too.

Which faction are you going to be choosing for your games of Carnevale?


We're also checking out two Kickstarter campaigns you might want to consider this week...

Which of these two Kickstarter campaigns are you going to be considering backing or is there something we've missed?

Competitions - Win A Carnevale Two-Player Starter Set!

We announce the winner from last weekend's prize where you could win some Rampart Terrain HERE on our Prize Claim Form and we also have some goodies for you this week too.

We're going to be giving away a Carnevale Two-Player Starter Set which is going to get you stuck into this amazing game quickly.

Have a great weekend!

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